Switched at Birth Season 4 Spoilers: Will Daphne or Bay Get Pregnant? Daphne Faces A Devastating Situation

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Switched at Birth Season 4 Spoilers: Will Daphne or Bay Get Pregnant? Daphne Faces A Devastating Situation
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“Switched at Birth” season 4 ended with many cliffhangers, especially when Bay and Emmett bid their final goodbyes. While a release date is yet to be announced, spoilers reveal that the show will take on a more controversial story as it returns for the second half of season 4. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

The release date of “Switched at Birth” has not yet been announced, but several teasers have already been released including what seems to be the show taking on a controversial issue as it returns for all new episodes for season 4.

“We hear that the ABC Family show is about to tackle pregnancy in a way that’s going to have fans talking. You thought the rape storyline was powerful? You haven’t seen anything yet,” Kristin Dos Santos of E! News teased fans.

This hint alone is enough to set fans into a state of frenzy, as “Switched at Birth” fans began speculating as to who could possibly get pregnant come the next half of season four and in what manner it could become controversial. Some fans believe that either Bay or Daphne could get pregnant, but how and why is it controversial if either of them gets pregnant?

Fans noted that it is impossible for Bay to get pregnant given that she just broke up with Emmett in the latest episode of the show. It could be controversial, though, if she begins to hook up with Tank. Daphne also had a brewing romance with Mingo in the last episode, which makes her another possible choice. Then again, fans could not scratch Regina off their list, as she also had a sweet encounter with Eric and later on found out that his wife was still alive on the last episode of the ABC Family series.

While fans are still left with a couple of months to speculate and theorize on which character will get pregnant in the upcoming episodes, Carter Matt hinted that the remaining episodes of season 4 is bound to be “Devastating.” The outlet noted that the first letter of the word, “Devastating” was capitalized for a reason, and fans cannot help but believe that this has something to do with Daphne, as she faces the consequences of her actions.

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