Switched At Birth Season 5: Premiere Date Changed; Writers Busy With New Projects?

By IvyV | 1 year ago
Switched At Birth Season 5: Premiere Date Changed; Writers Busy With New Projects?

Switched at Birth Season 5 premiere date pushed back few days farther. Rumored reason for delay due to the writers working on different new projects.

Freeform’s family television series will bid goodbye in Switched at Birth Season 5. Few months ago, executive producer Lizzy Weiss unveiled the main theme for the fifth and final installment of the series.

According to Weiss, the series will incorporate themes on “racial inequality” specifically within the campuses will grow as the dominant theme of the series.”

Apart from touching a controversial issue as the show’s main theme, reports claimed that the show will see familiar and fresh faces as well. For new characters, Michael Galante and Valery Ortiz confirmed to board Switched at Birth Season 5. The two will play Luca and Noelle respectively.

Max Adler’s tank will also return along with Gilles Marini’s Angelo Sorrento. However, Angelo died in Season 3. So, his appearance in Season 5 may come in form of flashbacks.

Latest update also teases on Daphne and boyfriend Greg becoming the subject of campus hate. Greg gained black student enemies as a result of him dressing up as Lil Wayne.

On the other hand, Bay will find herself wondering the future for her and Travis. Emmett on the other hand, will treat her coldly. There are also rumors on Bay finding her calling as an interpreter.

In other news, Switched at Birth Season 5 initially has been announced to air in January 24, 2017. Latest announcement from Weiss herself and Freeform confirmed the premiere date is pushed back a week later.

TV Series Finale did not reveal the reason for the changed in air date. However, a Twitter post from Weiss sparked rumors on the potential reason for pushing back Switched at Birth Season 5 premiere date. Read her tweet below.

The message indicates that the writers are currently working on different projects. But the tweet implies the executive producer is just messing around with her team.

Switched at Birth Season 5 is set to air on January 31, 2017 at Freeform.

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