Sxtape Movie Review

By Sarahlee Bertulfo | 4 years ago
Sxtape Movie Review
Bernard Rose presents “Mr Nice” at Dinard (France) British film festival. October 2010. Français : Bernard Rose presente “Mr Nice” au festival du film Britannique de Dinard 2010. Date 7 October 2010 Source Own work Author Smdl – Stephane Mace de Lepinay/Wikimedia Commons

From the Executive Producer of “Paranormal Activity” and the producer of “Insidious,” introduces “Sxtape” the movie, showing in theatres this May 16, 2014. Read on for the “Sxtape” movie review.

According to Fangoria and the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), “Sxtape” is directed by Bernard Rose, director of the horror film “Candyman.” This is for all fanatics of “found footage docu drama thriller” films who cannot wait to watch this movie a few days from now.  The lead roles are played by  Caitlyn Folly as Jill, Ian Duncan as Adam, supported by Daniel Faraldo as the doctor, Eric Neil Gutierrez as the detective, Diana Garcia and Julie Marcus as Colette McLeod.

“Sxtape” begins when Adam (Ian Duncan), a filmmaker starts filming her girlfriend Jill (Caitlyn Folley), an L.A. based artist hoping to spice up their love life.  They both crave for excitement and fun and a taste of danger until they came across an abandoned building in the downtown area which had been known to shelter whores, pregnant out of wedlock girls and psychotics.  So they decided to record a sex tape.

Jill lets Ian strap her to a gurney inside the abandoned hospital, some sort of a role play kind of thing for their film.  Suddenly, Jill feels ill, they hear strange noises and a vision of a ghostly woman (Julie Marcus) whose presence makes their video staticky.  It’s so unfortunate for their friends Ellie and Bobby who later joined them in their journey to god knows where.

Their sexual fantasies came to an end when they discovered they are not alone and there is some supernatural force turning their fantasies to a horrific frenzy and anyone who tries to watch their footage are in for a big surprise.

“In addition to their sexual footage is a past of mistreatment, abuse and rape of women as well as a table turning, time-crossing revenge wherein a perverse form of empowerment is eventually returned through phallic gun and camera,” said Anton Bitel’s review of “Sxtape” from Grolsch Film Works.

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