SyFy Greenlights ‘The Magicians’ For a Series Order

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
SyFy Greenlights ‘The Magicians’ For a Series Order
Syfy Logo. April 2011. Wikimedia Commons/NBC Universal.

Move over, Harry Potter, it’s time for a brand new breed of magicians to get the spotlight. Lev Grossman’s hit trilogy, that began with the book “The Magicians”, will be turned into a series that has just been greenlit on SyFy. Read on to learn more about this exciting new show to hit SyFy.

The small screen adaptation of the Lev Grossman’s trilogy “The Magicians”, which, according to Deadline, has just been greenlit as series on SyFy. It is the latest developing series to join the roster of other shows such as “Childhood’s End”, which is based on the novels of Arthur C. Clarke, which will air sometime this year.

The best- selling novel has been touted by the A.V. Club as one of the “best urban fantasy in years”, and others have claimed that the series is a more grown up and more mature version of everyone’s favorite magical series, “Harry Potter”.

According to the official website of SyFy, the series follows the story of Quentin Coldwater. He is a twentysomething  graduate student who is accepted into the magical Brakebills College for Magic Pedagogy in New York. His friends, who soon discover that they have to work together to save humanity from the perils that the magical realm will bring to humanity.

The series has just been given a greenlight by the network, and twelve episodes have already been ordered for the series.

The series will star Jason Ralph (“Madam Secretary”) as Quentin Coldwater; Stella Maeve (“Chicago PD”) as Julia; Arjun Gupta (“Nurse Jackie”) as Penny; Sosie Bacon (“The Closer”) as Alice Quinn; Summer Bishil (“Lucky7”)  as Margo; and Hale Appleman (“Smash”) as Eliot Waugh.

The series had originally been shopped to Fox in 2011 by Michael London’s Groundswell Productions, with Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz as his writers. However, as it had not been greenlit,  London redeveloped the series with a new set of writers, John McNamara, and Sera Gamble.

Grossman, the author of the best-selling hit trilogy, according to Deadline, is thrilled to see his work being adapted on the small screen, and is happy that the “right people” are taking charge of this project.

And that was all for the update on SyFy’s latest venture, “The Magicians”. For more news and updates on “The Magicians”, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

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