SyFy Moves ‘Ascension’ Premiere Date

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
SyFy Moves ‘Ascension’ Premiere Date
Tricia Helfer at the Supernova Pop Culture Expo Hits Sydney, Australia 2012. June 16, 2012. Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi.

Originally scheduled to premiere in November, SyFy has recently announced that “Ascension” will instead launch on Monday, Dec. 15, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. Read on for more details about this latest story.

In a press release published on Zap2It, SyFy has made official the changes to the premiere date of “Ascension.” The show will debut with two episodes in one night and will run through three straight nights from Dec. 15 to 17. The series has six episodes in total and was originally set for broadcasting with six one-hour episodes.

SyFy has not noted the reason for pushing back the show’s premiere date and changing its airing schedule.

Dubbed as a spacefaring miniseries, “Ascension” is from Philip Levens, who was a writer of “Smallville.” The story follows a space mission on the spacecraft Ascension, which was first launched in the 1960s, sending hundreds of its occupants in space. Their century-long adventure was done to find a new world to inhabit and populate, but in the course of Ascension’s journey, a murder takes place on board that brings to light the real nature of their goals.

The show is led by Brandon P. Bell (“Hollywood Heights”) who plays First Officer Aaron Gault, Brian Van Holt (“Cougar Town”) who plays the ship’s Captain William Denninger, Tricia Helfer (“Battlestar Galactica”) who plays the captain’s wife Viondra Denninger.

The rest of the cast is supported by Andrea Roth as Dr. Juliet Bryce, Emily Vanderhaus as the Chief Astronomer, Jacqueline Byers as Nora Bryce, the doctor’s daughter and P.J. Boudousqué as James Toback, Nora’s boyfriend.

“Ascension” is produced by Lionsgate Television and distributed by Universal Cable Productions. It comes as SyFy has been stirring back to doing traditional miniseries, something which the cable channel has abandoned a few years ago. In its bid to rebrand, the network is returning to its roots by delivering limited productions of science fiction originals. “Ascension” is the first of what would be many other limited event series, which has been trending on television of late.

There you have it for the premiere of “Ascension” being pushed back from November to December. For the latest on this series, keep checking Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi

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