Sylvester Stallone Dead: Actor Killed by Celebrity Death Hoax

By Nimfa Idea | 2 years ago
Sylvester Stallone Dead: Actor Killed by Celebrity Death Hoax

Is Sylvester Stallone dead? He took to Instagram to debunk his “alleged” death. The news about his demise spread like wildfire.

It turned out he is just a victim of another death hoax targeting celebrities. The actor did not give a word on the issue, but he proves he is alive and kicking with a selfie with daughter Scarlet Rose.

The Gamers Drop claimed a story about “Sylvester Stallone dead” has been circulating since the beginning of this month. The false report indicates that the 70-year-old actor’s body was found in his home in Los Angeles. Prescribed pill overdose is reportedly the culprit.

Stallone is not the only celebrity who suffered a death hoax this year. Will Smith’s son Jaden reportedly committed suicide but this is just another trick from web tabloids. Then, who would forget Jack Black’s “death”?

Meanwhile, Rocky has a lot in his pipeline this year and in 2017. He is currently working on the animated film Animal Crackers, where he will voice Bullet-Man. He will be joined by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski among others.

Sylvester Stallone will also become part of the Chris Pratt-starrer Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which is scheduled for release in summer next year. His role in the film remains a mystery.

In addition to new films, Syl will also star in the new TV movie Omerta, which is about crimes of American mob boss, Raymonde Aprile. It will be directed by Olympus Has Fallen helmer Antoine Fuqua.

Like his iconic character as Rocky Balboa, this old man is a never-say-die. He once said he cannot exercise as much as he used to during his 20s. But he eats healthy and only “pigs out” on weekends. Sylvester Stallone dead because of pill overdose just does not make sense.

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Photo source: Facebook/Sylvester Stallone

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