Sylvester Stallone Performs Hindu Ceremony For His Dead Son In Haridwar

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Sylvester Stallone Performs Hindu Ceremony For His Dead Son In Haridwar
Sylvester Stallone

They say nothing can be more painful than losing your child and Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone would know exactly how difficult it is to imagine a life without his son Sage Stallone who at the age of 36 died of a heart attack. Three years have passed since his death but it seems Mr. Stallone has not been able to get over the unfortunate incident. The “Rocky” star recently had a Hindu ceremony carried out in Haridwar after having seen his son’s spirit.


MailOnline reported that Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone still occasionally sees his late son Sage’s spirit and has been very disturbed about it. Given the fact that Sage’s death was very unfortunate, it seems Sylvester has not been able to get over his demise and decided to consult an Indian astrologer Prateek Mishrapuri who is known to consult many stars in Hollywood.

The “Rocky” star met the astrologer back in 2013 via Nicole Kidman and decided to approach him about the same. It is being reported that the Hollywood star asked the astrologer if he could somehow communicate to his late son’s spirit, however, after getting to know everything, the astrologer suggested a Hindu ceremony called “Tithi Shradh” that would enable his late son’s soul to get peace in the afterlife. This ceremony is normally carried out when a person dies in an accident or somehow meets a very tragic end.

The Shradh was to be carried out in the holy Indian town of Haridwar and Sylvester himself was going to visit as it is of paramount importance that the ceremony be carried out by someone who is a blood relative. But it is being said that for some unknown reasons he could not make it and his half-brother stepped up to perform the ceremony. The family was in India last week to perform the ceremony after which they returned back to Philadelphia.

According to Hindu rituals, September to October otherwise also referred to as the month of Ashwin is known to be the most suitable time for carrying out ceremony for the deceased and has been in practice for a really long time. The veteran Hollywood actor once did confess that he still sees his late son Sage, which only disturbs him even more.


Hindustan Times added that Sylvester was a bit worried that his visit might grab unnecessary media attention on such a personal matter and hence asked his half-brother to conduct the ceremony on his behalf. If Mr. Stallone believes that the Hindu ceremony of “Tithi Shradh” can help his son achieve salvation and peace then we can all pray for the departed soul to rest in peace.

Photo source: Facebook/Sylvester Stallone

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