Sylvester Stallone still has some fight left in him to do another boxing movie

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Although Sylvester Stallone wasn’t really onboard with the idea of another boxing movie which he was to do alongside Robert De Niro. De Niro and Stallone were to go head to head in a boxing match in the movie, “Grudge Match”.

Stallone thought that nobody would want to see him doing yet another movie that was related to boxing especially when he’s reaching “160 years old” joked the 67 year old actor at Ritz-Carlton Battery Park Hotel. The actor said, “It was something absurd”.

However, he was quickly convinced to think otherwise when the studio heads called him and convinced him to star in the movie.

The movie is a sentimental comedy about Henry “Razor” Sharp played by Stallone who ducked a defining title with Billy “The Kid” McDonnen played by De Niro30 years earlier.
After being convinced by the studio heads to do the movie, Stallone who is currently being kept busy with another Expendables film realized the upside to the movie. I guess we all want to see Stallone battle it out one more time.

“People 60 and above will say, ‘I have unfinished business,’ and they don’t have the ability to right the wrong. That’s the advantage of fantasy; these guys get to correct the wrong” by getting back into the ring.

Director Peter Segal knew teaming Rocky and the “Raging¬ Bull” star was essential. Grudge will be released this upcoming Wednesday on the 25th of December.

Source: BostonHerald

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