Sylvester Stallone vs. ISIS: Is It Really Going to Happen?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Sylvester Stallone vs. ISIS: Is It Really Going to Happen?

Sylvester Stallone has played the character to utmost perfection. Squashing and killing enemies single-handedly is what fans of the franchise have loved the most about it. So, when news comes in that Sylvester Stallone will be bringing in one more movie in the franchise, fans are bound to get excited. If reports are to be believed then “Rambo V” the final installment of the franchise will have the action star take on the current global threat Islamic State that has wrecked havoc in Iraq and Syria.

According to Daily Mail, the Hollywood legend has himself revealed that he will be taking on the terrorist organization in the upcoming “Rambo” movie. The movie has been reportedly using the working title of “Rambo: Last Blood.” The actor who is also said to be writing the script for the movie also stated that his production team has been scouting for locations in ISIS torn Iraq and Syria.

The media outlet also reported that the actor made an unannounced appearance at the Comic-Con to announce more details about the movie. On being questioned about it, he said that they have been working on it and have been working with the locals there to give fans of the franchise as real as possible Rambo experience.

However, a report from The Guardian claims the opposite. According to the newspaper, as soon as the report about Stallone wanting to take on the ISIS in the next Rambo movie surfaced, his representatives stepped in to call the reports absolutely untrue. They also denied the reports that suggested Stallone was at this year’s Comic-Con to announce further details about the movie. The actor is currently busy promoting his upcoming movie “Creed,” which is a part of his other super hit franchise “Rocky.”

Situations in Iraq and Syria have been in turmoil ever since the ISIS gained power and started to take control. The terrorist organization is also said to have assassinated American journalists, British and Japanese citizens amongst others. We sincerely hope Stallone is not serious about shooting in the area as it could be life threatening.

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