TaeTiSeo is set to rock this Christmas by ‘Dear Santa’

By Ruma Saha | 2 years ago
TaeTiSeo is set to rock this Christmas by ‘Dear Santa’
Recently released teaser photograph of TaeTiSeos’ debut Christmas album” Dear Santa”

Girl’s Generation ‘s subgroup commonly named TaeTiSeo ( that is Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun)  are getting festive this December with “Dear Santa,” which is the latest adorable Christmas tune and this tune available in both Korean and English as according to reports of popcrush.com .

The title track of “Dear Santa” is a smooth & warm R&B ballad and its lyrics was penned by Seohyun.  The Girls’ Generation’s subgroup – TaeTiSeo have made their debut in 2012,  with  their album Twinkle. “Twinkle” was the title track for their debut album. Prior to “Dear Santa” their previous promotion was in September 2014 after the release of their second album “ EP Holler”. It pulled immense fan follower.

“Dear Santa” is a holiday pop and the girls are pulled to it . The album creates an aura of past classics like “Winter Wonderland,”  and their tune is made with such emotions where it can be felt like the tune  “sees the girls hearing sleigh bells, prepping the tree and eagerly awaiting Santa to fulfill all their Christmas wishes” as according to popcrush.com news sources.

The video of the album is no less adorable than  its tune. The video reflects such emotions of Christmas dreams and are packed with all seasonal necessities like cooking up festive deserts as well as snow globe moments and also pajama filled party by the tree . The girls sports glamorous look in their red gowns while playing piano. Above all they sport a much awaited holiday fun  through their tune and video.

“Last night, I had trouble sleeping / There’s so much going on in my head.” the tune that set the festive mood of the album.

The kpopnew.com further reports while the members of TaeTiSeo is preparing for their comeback through their latest album “Dear Santa “, Taeyeon recently made her solo album debut where she has kept a single title “I” and also held her solo concert” A Very Special Day For Taeyeon” from Oct. 23 through 25 and Oct. 30 to Nov. 1  .

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/TTs Dear Santa

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