Take a Look At Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney’s Future Children; Thanks To the Internet!

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago

Taylor Kinney just can’t keep his poker-face when it comes to Lady Gaga. In a recent interview, Kinney revealed his future ambitions with wife Gaga, he wants to have a ‘soccer team’  of children. Take a peek into what Gaga-Kinney little monsters would look like. Read on to find out more.

After revealing recently, how their romance started with a slap, Taylor Kinney has now gone on record saying he wants to have a football team’s worth of offspring with fiancee Lady Gaga. Kinney stopped by at HuffPost Live recently, where he proclaimed his baby-fixation.

“Oh, sure. I have a bunch of brothers. I grew up with a big family. I want that….I want a brood, you know, I’d like to have a little soccer team and a minivan and all that stuff.”

Kinney and Gaga got engaged this year on Valentine’s day, and are apparently thinking about children.

And the internet, being the wonderful place that it is, has completely jumped the gun and shown us what Kinney-Gaga juniors would look like.

In this article posted to Daily Mail UK, forensic artist Joe Mullins used two recent images of Gaga and Kinney to create a simulation of their children. In possession of Lady Gaga’s doe-eyes and Kinney’s naturally strong features, the images make a compelling case about the powers of graphical manipulation.


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But brood of children notwithstanding, the Mother Monster was spotted at New York’s JFK airport on Monday, looking absolutely ravishing in a little black dress and her trademark platform heels.

Lady Gaga might be known for her kooky dresses made out of meat and whatnot, but when she does clean up, she cleans up really nicely. No wonder Kinney wants a brood of children.

The ‘Bad Romance’ singer can be most recently seen in the latest season of “American Horror Story” as the Countess.

Photo Source: Facebook/Lady Gaga

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