Tammy Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Tammy Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

From the actress you love-hate in the movie “Identity Thief,” Melissa McCarthy comes in a new comedic mess entitled “Tammy.” It is a comedy movie directed by her real-life husband, Ben Falcone, and was written by the dynamic couple. “Tammy” opened in the U.S. theaters on July 2, 2014. The cast includes: Susan Sarandon, Mark Duplass, Allison Janney, Kathy Bates and Toni Collette. Read on to know more about the film “Tammy.”

“Tammy” Synopsis:

The story revolves around Tammy (McCarthy), a woman in the middle point of her life who reaches rock bottom when she got caught up in a flux of unfortunate events. She loses her job, car, husband and home in a matter of a day. Fed up with all of the mishaps in her life, she convinces her Grandma Pearl (Sarandon) to spend her remaining $6,000 or so cash and drive her Buick towards a bumpy road trip of recollection. However, there’s a catch. Her grandmother is to come along with her and must fulfill her wish to visit Niagara Falls. From that point on, the trip assumes the coursing of a bumpy road trip with a destination that is utterly vague.

“Tammy” Review:

One can already expect so much in a film that’s written and starred by the same actress. However, at this point in time, Melissa McCarthy brings in the element of onward expectancy to a whole new level. She’s able to play a somewhat similar role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star portrays similar character traits that gave her the distinction in all of her movies. She plays as the intrusive, bad-mouthed, disgruntled employee who can’t seem to get a good hold of her life.

The common element of comedic frustration is depicted all throughout the film, and it’s undeniably shown on full blast in the first sequence of the film alone. With the way she handles getting fired by her boss (Falcone) as she derailed the food being served in Topper Jacks to encountering her husband’s (Nat Faxon) infidelity,  cheating on her with their neighbor (Toni Collette), she storms the household and packs her bag. She is able to effectively depict the real nature of her funny antics. Clearly, the scenes are supposed to make the audience a strong dose of pity, but she is able to alter that with the way she carries out the role proactively.

Be that as it may, the movie also shows a lot of inconsistencies with the way they casted people by their name and not by their faces. True enough, the movie revealed Tammy’s mother in the person of Allison Janey who is 54 in real life. Susan Sarandon plays the grandmother who is what? Sixty-seven in real life? It is crucial that the existence of young mothers is undeniable, but it just ruins the logic when both appear to be in the same age range on screen.

Jumping from one mishap to another, the movie is filled with so much destruction for a comedy. Car crashes, totaled jet skis, epic messes on public places — the movie really spelled out unfortunate events to its very realistic core that sadly comes off as an exaggeration.

Of course, the movie itself advertises direct mess in the form of comedy which will appear to be appealing to many of its viewers. After all, comedies are known for the unreasonable and illogical elements. Be that as it may, obnoxious may be the main theme of the film, but it has its heartfelt moments. “Tammy” is a movie about mishaps that showcases the factors of romance, life lessons and reconciliation as the embodiment of redemption at the very end.

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