‘Tangled’ ‘Tarzan’ ‘Frozen 2’ Possible Crossover: A Trio Combination For Disney’s Biggest Film Yet

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 3 years ago
‘Tangled’ ‘Tarzan’ ‘Frozen 2’ Possible Crossover: A Trio Combination For Disney’s Biggest Film Yet
Photo taken from Frozen Facebook Page

Imagine Elsa, Tarzan, and Rapunzel all in one movie. If you think it’s impossible then some fans believe otherwise. There were fan theories buzzing around the social media of a potential intertwining of stories between “Frozen 2,” “Tarzan,” and “Tangled.”

From the article of Moviepilot, it was mentioned that these fan theories for the plot of the upcoming “Frozen 2” were created based on the clues that were seen in the past films. The scene in “Frozen” wherein Elsa was crowned as the new queen has many invited people from different kingdoms. A couple who attended looked like Flynn and Rapunzel, which led many fans to believe that Elsa and Anna are related to her by blood.

The outlet also shared Chris Buck’s idea about “Frozen” and “Tarzan.” Buck, who directed these two iconic Disney movies, summarized how Elsa and Anna’s parents survived the storm while they were aboard on a ship. They were washed ashore and came to a jungle. The mother gave birth to a boy but the couple was killed by a leopard. Then, the baby was brought up by gorillas. Thus, Tarzan is the little brother of Elsa and Anna.

Disney movies often drop clues of crossovers in their movies. Movieseum enumerated 15 character crossovers which included seeing a Buzz Light Year in the toy chest from the film “Finding Nemo.”

It would be lovely to hear the famous Disney songs “Let It Go,” “You’ll Be In My Heart” And “Every Girl Can Be A Princess” all in one film. Or better yet, it would be enchanting to hear new songs that will be loved for years.

Whether there is an upcoming crossover movie or a new Disney character to be introduced in a film, one thing can’t be contested. Disney is a household name when it comes to bringing to life the kids’ imagination. All their movies catered for children and young-at-hearts are always a blockbuster hit.

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Photo Source: Frozen/Facebook

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