Taylor Kitsch Thinks Rachel McAdams is a ‘Great Gal;’ Denies Relationship Rumors

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Taylor Kitsch Thinks Rachel McAdams is a ‘Great Gal;’ Denies Relationship Rumors
Rachel McAdams at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival during the North American premiere of the film, “Passion”.

Both Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams have denied rumors of their relationship blossoming on the set of “True Detective,” but Kitsch did go on record to confess to admiring McAdams’ acting chops. And he also thinks she is a great gal. Read on to find out more.

As Movie News Guide previously reported, rumors have been rife recently about Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch bonding over the second season of “True Detective.” But both parties have been tight-lipped about the existence of any romance between them. 34-year-old Kitsch spoke to ET Canada saying, “There is no record. There is nothing to set straight, she’s an amazing actress and a great gal.”

The 36-year-old McAdams was not any more forthcoming either about her relationships. However, she did agree to speak to The Belfast Telegraph about her work in “True Detective,” as she raved about her experiences on the set of the HBO crime drama, McAdams said that portraying her role in the series was one of her best experiences yet.

“The Notebook” actress also admitted that she has also had worries before returning for the second season of the HBO series, but later on realized that everything was the exact opposite of her fears.

“I left every day just feeling so fulfilled and creatively satisfied that the darkness didn’t really permeate. It does to a certain extent, but I think only in a constructive way for the most part.”

McAdams also spoke about working for the  film “Southpaw,” where she stars opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, playing the main female character, ‘Maureen Hope.’ The actress trained in boxing for this sports drama, which is currently playing in theaters worldwide

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Photo Source:  Wikimedia Commons/Andrew Bishkinsky

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