Taylor Lianne Chandler Refutes Her Relationships With Michael Phelps; Says She Grew Up With Labels Like Gay, Transsexual

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Taylor Lianne Chandler Refutes Her Relationships With Michael Phelps; Says She Grew Up With Labels Like Gay, Transsexual
Taylor Lianne Chandler

The former crisis management consultant and sign language interpreter, Taylor Lianne Chandler is likely to throw more light on the difficulties she had confronted so far. Read below to know more in details.

After the spreading of news of the 42-year old Chandler’s alleged relationship with the 30-year old Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, she came under the media attention in the last couple of months. According to Enstars, she had disclosed in her recent Facebook post that in spite of the fact that she has always taken herself as a girl or female, she was forced to be a boy since her childhood. Although she had a handful of people to take her side, but she also had some unforgettable persons in her life who had always put her down in every possible way.

“I grew up with labels like effeminate, gay, transvestite, transsexual…People called my Gaylord and fa–ot, but I had no clue what that meant and would smile. In 4th grade I was forced to cut my hair and wear a boy uniform. This was torture for me! By the time I got to 6th grade doctors were fully involved and I required hormone therapy as I didn’t produce healthy levels of either on my own,” Chandler wrote.

Chandler has posted her remorseful statements in her blog post over her alleged relationship with the Olympic gold medalist Phelps. She said that she had never gotten involved with him but the rumor had generated so much chaos.

“Much to most people’s dismay the Michael Phelps saga will be nothing more than a blip…It is sad to say at this point I wish I had never gotten involved with him. The bad that has come from all of this certainly outweighs the good. Especially when the good was all built on many lies,” Chandler echoed.

However, she was truly hurt when her close buddies like Kelvin Moses and Clemmie Williams walked away from her life. But in her post, she seems to be matured enough for understanding the definition of life.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Taylor Lianne Chandler

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