Is Taylor Swift Betraying Her Boyfriend as She is Linked to Her Dancer?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Is Taylor Swift Betraying Her Boyfriend as She is Linked to Her Dancer?
Taylor Swift and Calvin

There have been rumors of infidelity involving Taylor with one of her backing dancers with several reports in United States that claim that she is extremely fond of him.  Would she betray Calvin? Read on to know more.

However sources close to Taylor Swift have revealed that she would never even think of cheating on Calvin, her boyfriend.

According to Style Celebrity News, Taylor could never play dirty with Calvin as she has been hurt several times in the past by cheaters. In fact she would be the last person to do that to anyone else as she knows how much it hurts. The singer is completely besotted with Calvin and they are madly in love with each other.

Hardly an hour goes when these two lovebirds do not interact with each other in some way or the other even while she is traveling. Calvin is the first person Taylor speaks to every morning. This was revealed by a friend to Heat, a British magazine.

The pop singing superstar Taylor was first linked to DJ Calvin at this year’s Brit Awards and the duo has been inseparable since then. Calvin also shared enthusiastically that Taylor loves ticking boxes that he was not even aware of before.

Taylor’s friends have not been able to understand why these infidelity rumors have started and vouch that there is no truth to them.

A source close to her further stated that it is understandable why many people think that she is getting more than close with her dancers. These backing dancers are all very close to her and she has interact very close to them as they spend long hours together in rehearsals.

The same source further added that she has to trust them a lot as they have been throwing and catching her while performing on stage together. However, she has not been sleeping with any one of them. Taylor is extremely happy with her boyfriend and would never risk a chance of leaving him especially as things are going quite strong for both of them.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Taylor Swift & Calvin

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