Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris’ Brawl Over Texts From Hot Exes Possible?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris’ Brawl Over Texts From Hot Exes Possible?
Will such a revelation change Taylor’s mind?

 Taylor Swift would definitely not be happy reading this, and Calvin Harris may want to consider taking some action if he wishes to shield his relationship from a possible brawl. Sources reveal that a bunch of hot ex-ladies of Calvin’s life are still sending him dirty text messages. OMG! Read on to get the complete scoop.

Taylor Swift, 25, who hails as the queen of modern break-up numbers, has been extremely vocal and happy about her affair with Calvin Harris, 31. She told Vanity Fair earlier that Calvin helped her open herself up to falling in love once again.

Will our “Love Story” superstar’s perception change and will add on to her book of failed relationships?

Apparently the ladies’ man Calvin is upto some mischief again.His history with numerous sexy girls from all around the world is no virgin news. Looks like a bunch of his hot exes who warmed his bed once upon a time are still into him, and thus are not at all hesitant about sending him dirty and flirtatious texts.

Is Calvin reciprocating or is indifferent?

Daily Times reported that earlier, Calvin would stay in touch with exes by sending them his nude pics. Oops! Are you aware of this Tay? In an another report from Hollywood Life, the gorgeous senders of naughty texts are extremely competitive about sharing a bed with the hottest DJ or club owner. Sources reveal that Taylor does not know about it.

Taylor was totally on-board with Calvin. Rumors of the lovebirds getting engaged formally were buzzing. Will such a revelation change Taylor’s mind?

It’s still not too late for Calvin to fix the mess and keep Taylor as his girl. He better take some action and save this fairy-tale relationship. He shouldn’t be the reason for the teardrops on her guitar.

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