Are Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Planning To Tie The Knot In Secret?

By Sohini Halder | 2 years ago
Are Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Planning To Tie The Knot In Secret?
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We all have been quite accustomed to Taylor Swift and her not so perfect relationships over the years. The ones that left her absolutely devastated at times and somehow those references took place in her songs. But she has indeed learnt to “Shake it off” as she met her Prince charming aka Calvin Harris, and bless their souls, they are going pretty strong. And maybe, just maybe, they are planning a secret ceremony to tie the knot. They have created sparks of a lot of wedding speculations in the last few months by the familiar jewellery shop visits, or pictures of a dinner date. But this time it might be real.

The musically gifted couple, who met last year by the singing sensation and a very good friend of the duo, Ellie Goulding, seem very smitten with each other as they attend events hand in hand or even in a very cute and cuddly holiday picture. According to the Mirror, the Scottish DJ were seen in a XIV outlet, shopping for jewellery and that somehow fuelled up the rumour that he might be planning on popping the question very soon. While it’s no secret that they are not dating very long, but apparently our Tay is quite ready to take the next step with her man.

As per the reports of Heat Magazine, the couple’s parents will meet for the first time in next month, to have a late Thanksgiving dinner. Now that’s a pretty serious step or so everyone thinks. Even though in the middle of this year breakup rumors started to plague the couple, but they proved that their love indeed won’t “go out of style”. Recently the 25 years old musical prodigy has reportedly invited her gal pals to a very odd “special event”.

But our concern is who out of Taylor’s famous Girl gang would throw her a bridal shower? Or who are they going to wear as their bridesmaid dresses? It’s just a matter of time before we know it.

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