Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Relationship: Head Over Heels

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Relationship: Head Over Heels

Rumors and speculation swirl about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris relationship status, when the two continue to publicize their relationship on social media.  Though the couple has just dated for a few months only, they are already in love. Read on.

Swift, 25 and Harris, 31, are turning head over heels and couldn’t be any cuter than before. The couple recently seems inseparable and this relation isn’t the one that would end soon, as an insider tells HollywoodLife.com that, “They both are very into each other and are in love, and say it to each other quite often.”

There is nothing much to be surprised about because the couple has been flaunting their endearment publicly everywhere they go. During a concert in Glasgow on June 23, Swift had hinted us about her love for Harris by saying that she loves Scottish people.

While the couple is busy flaunting photos on Instagram and giving their fans quick updates, Swift’s friends are concerned about Harris’ little crush on her model friend Gigi Hadid, according to an OK! Magazine report.

It has been noted by the insider that Harris has showed interest by liking some of Hadid’s candid pictures the minute it’s posted on social media. On being confronted by Swift, his excuse was that he liked her photographs because he offered her a major role in his upcoming music video. But Swift’s friends aren’t buying it.

Meanwhile, Swift and Harris recently enjoyed a romantic double date with Gig Hadid and Joe Jonas in London. And again the couple is seen to spend the 4th of July weekend together, at Swift’s home in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. She invited a bunch of her besties down for her big party but before that she enjoyed some one on one time with Harris!

Photo Sources: Facebook/Taylor Swift 

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