Taylor Swift Crushes Justin Bieber’s Dream: Is Bieber Hurt?

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Taylor Swift Crushes Justin Bieber’s Dream: Is Bieber Hurt?

Justin Bieber has recently expressed his wish to perform with Taylor Swift at Super Bowl. However, as per rumors Taylor Swift has told that she would not perform with Justin Bieber at the Super bowl halftime show.

On September 10, in a show, Bieber expressed his wished to perform with Taylor Swift at Super Bowl. But Swift seems to be in no mood to fulfill the wish of Bieber.

According to a report by HollywoodLife.com, a close source said,” He shouldn’t hold his breath. She wants nothing to do with him. She would love performing with Britney, Bruno [Mars] and so many others, but Justin is not in any plans for it to ever happen.”

Although no comments have been given by Taylor herself on the issue but speculations are being made that the reason behind this NO is Selena Gomez.

As we know that the two beauties Selena and Taylor are best friends. Taylor has always been there with Gomez in hard times even when she had breakup with boyfriend Bieber.

In one of the interviews given People Magazine, Selena once said that she could always count on Taylor and recapped an incident when the latter flew in with home-made cookies and junk food when Nick Jonas broke up with her. In such case the move to perform with her bestie’s ex- boyfriend would affect friendship of the two, reported IB Times.

So far, rumors are there that Bieber is hurt because of the denial. But nothing has been told by the “Baby” singer yet. Besides, there is no confirmation that Taylor will herself perform in the show, so one can still hope that these are mere rumours.

Meanwhile, Taylor has been announced the early winner of Emmy awards. She won an award for Original Interactive Program for “AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience,” which she produced and starred in.

Whatever be the decision of the two but the fans would be hoping to see them together at the show. Let us wait and by that time just  enjoy the music of the two.

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