Taylor Swift Gets ‘Preachy’ At ‘1989’ Columbus Tour

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Taylor Swift Gets ‘Preachy’ At ‘1989’ Columbus Tour
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They call her rockstar but did you know some called her preachy at the very recent Columbus tour? We are talking about none other than Taylor Swift, who was recently referred to as preachy by some of her fans. Read out to know what made them say “Preachy Taylor”.

Nationwide Arena was never packed with such a huge crowd ever, before September 18, the day for each Tay fan in Columbus excitedly waited for, as it was their favorite’s concert.

The show was kicked off by Vance Joy, welcoming the audiences with his songs. After this 30-minute musical welcoming, the stage was handed over to the guest of the night, Taylor Swift. She performed almost every song from her “1989” album, taking back the audiences in “Fearless” days. In between costume changes, she would play videos featuring her BFFs, including Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham, and best friend Abigail.

The show went well but Tay got emotional in between her performance while talking to the audience, quoted The BG News. She said that it makes her feel so happy to see that people enjoy her songs, sing  them at the top of their voices, without caring what others will say. She even requested the audience to  never change in any kind of circumstance, and neither change their love and affection for her.

Some fans considered her emotional talk as preachy. Swift, who has been always targeted by the media for her relationships was supported by her  fans, expecting her to behave this way. So people, it’s not preachy but what she said was just what any individual would have wished to hear from Tay.

Next time when you attend any concert of Taylor Swift, would you try to judge whether she’s being preachy or not? Until then just keep listening to her songs and keep reading  Movie News Guide.

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