Taylor Swift Leaves Kim Kardashian Behind On Instagram

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Taylor Swift Leaves Kim Kardashian Behind On Instagram
Taylor Swift

Winning hearts from her love songs, the beautiful 25-year-old singer Taylor swift has become the most popular user on photo sharing site Instagram as well.

According to a report published in CNN, Taylor has left behind TV star Kim Kardashian. The number slightly varies as Swift now has 45.9m followers while Kim has 45.7 m followed by Beyonce who has 45.1 million followers.

The total number of posts by Taylor is 689, which is much less than that of Kim. The goofy catface, knitted sweater, and friend’s parade was liked more over cleavage and duckface said The Guardian, stating the reason for Taylor’s huge number of followers. The TV actress, Kim Kardashian has total 30,000 posts mostly selfies.

Swift has not given any comments on her high number of followers yet, but fans will definitely be waiting.

The competition is really a tough one as few days back, Kim replaced Beyonce from her top position and this week she is holding the second place.

Because of her “selfie queen” image, Kim has managed to walk along with the two ladies in the race. A very recent set of selfies got her 45 million followers, reported IB Times.

In spite of this tough follower war the three ladies show a good relation with each other.

Even though the competition is a hard one but the three ladies share a good relationship. Kardashian and West come in the list of close ones of Beyonce and Jay-Z. Swift has also patched-up with Kanye West after her speech interruption incident at MTV VMA 2009.

The pop singer presented West with Michael Jackson video Vangaurd Award at the MTV VMA Awards.

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