Taylor Swift listed as ‘next of kin’ by pilot who died in mysterious plane crash!

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Taylor Swift has been listed as a ‘next of kin’ by a pilot who was killed in a mysterious plane crash while attempting to land the plane on route to Nashville.

Michael Callan of Canada, flew his air craft across international borders without being detected. Well that’s suspicious. He steered way off from his planned route and circled Nashville international airport with the transponder turned off and while attempting to land the plane, he crashed which in turn resulted in his death.

Investigations are being carried out however, the investigators are still in awe of the mysterious event as to what really went down. To add even more drama to the unfortunate event, the pilot, Callan, listed pop star Taylor Swift as his next of kin at his flying club.

Taylor’s crew found out about the incident when authorities reached out to her soon after the event transpired.

We’re not sure why he listed Taylor as his next of kin as there is no known record of Taylor and Callan being relatives or even in about their contact.
“The first we heard of this was when the appropriate authorities contacted Taylor’s management about the crash. Taylor does not know this person.” A rep of the singer told The Tennessean.

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