Why is Taylor Swift ‘obsessed’ with Katy Perry?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Why is Taylor Swift ‘obsessed’ with Katy Perry?
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is hot, happening and extraordinarily talented. Yet reports claim that the singer is obsessed with the idea of beating Katy Perry. Get the entire scoop here!

Swift is an immensely talented and popular singer. But that is not stopping her to get ‘obsessed’ with getting a higher number of number 1 hits than her arch rival as the former Grammy winner aggressively pushed her songs from the album “1989” for promotion so that Perry’s record could be beaten.

If an industry source has to be believed, it seems Swift wants to bag seven number 1 hits, according to pagesix.com. At present, Perry is at a tie with the late pop legend Michel Jackson’s record of getting 5 number one hits from a single album.

Allegedly, the “Blank Space” singer wants to beat this record of Perry and be the greatest pop singer.

Swift went out of her way to woo the radio promoters and the media by having them share her intimate listening sessions at her apartment before her album was released on Oct. 2015.

A source said that Swift calls all the radio executives by their names and knows how to get her way. She is a thorough professional.

The rivalry between these two pop singers goes much beyond music. Sources have informed us that the feud between Swift and Perry apparently started last year over their common ex, John Meyer.

In fact by mentioning her as her “straight up enemy” in a Rolling Stone interview, she raised the bar of speculation that Perry and she were arch rivals.

As far as Swift’s competitiveness is concerned, as insider source has claimed that she is same as any other artist. She is motivated to surpass her peers but that is a friendly competition. Taylor it seems is entirely focused on creating great shows and excellent music.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Taylor Swift

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