Taylor Swift Rests Rumours Circling Kanye West Colab In Vanity Fair

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Taylor Swift Rests Rumours Circling Kanye West Colab In Vanity Fair
Stunning looking Taylor Swift speaks out her heart in Vanity Fair as she puts to rest the rumours regarding Kanye West. She never thought she can be friend with West until he started respecting her. She however didn’t mention anything directly about her boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Fabulous looking Taylor Swift dazzles on the cover of September 2015 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. In the story accompanying, Swift speaks about everything from the importance of her girlfriend squad to Kanye West. Gorgeous looking Taylor Swift talks about the Kanye / Swift collaboration in Vanity Fair. She said that she didn’t think they can be friends until he starts respecting her. She is, however, silent about her boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Speaking of West, Swift disclosed that the impetus of friendlier feeling came from her new pal Jay Z. She continued on to say that she felt she can’t be friends with West until he started showing some respect to her. On the other hand, West was also not interested in being friends till the time he has some respect for her.

She went on to say that her friendship with Jay Z enabled her to get along with Kanye. He got the opportunity and made the best use of it, as he took notice of her music and praised her accomplishments. She also asked how his kids are.

Swift put to rest the rumours circulating around about Kanye/ Swift collaboration stating that nothing has been planned yet. But, yes, she likes him as a person. This is a nice first step and it is really good for us to be at a nice place.

She also talked about streaming and her open letter to Apple. The letter was written at around 4 a.m. The contracts were received by her friends and one of her friends sent her a screenshot of one of them. The contract read ‘zero per cent compensation to rights holders’.

She disclosed her passion for writing songs and that it has happened at times that she woke up in the middle of the night and start writing a song and she doesn’t go back to bed until she has finished and it was the same thing with this letter. She read the letter to her mom, as she is the one with whom she shares everything.

Talking of men, Swift did not speak anything about her boyfriend Calvin Harris. However, she did share his thoughts about what she thinks when it comes to guys. She is not necessarily open to anything neither is she looking for anything. She loves her life and that’s all she has to say in the end.

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