Taylor Swift Says She’d Rather Be Called Nice Than Sexy

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Taylor Swift Says She’d Rather Be Called Nice Than Sexy
Taylor Swift – Speak Now Tour Hots Sydney, Australia 2012

Taylor Swift may be queen of crop tops and high-waist shorts, but the singer said she still prefers to be called nice rather than sexy.

Ever since “1989” came out, fans all saw a new side of Swift. Her style has totally evolved from a sweet country singer to a full-blown pop icon. She’s always seen wearing crop tops and matching shorts that accentuated her gorgeous legs. In fact, the singer even wore a crop top last NYE when it was around 20 degrees!

However, no matter what people say, Swift revealed that being sexy and showing off her body has not always been her goal.

”Everyone has priorities. Being looked at as sexy? Not really on my radar. But I really hope people think I’m nice,” she revealed in an interview with TOTP magazine.

“I don’t care if seeming nice is cool. I’m not focused on being cool and I never have been,” Swift added.

During an interview with Teen Vogue, the “Blank Space” singer explained that she doesn’t actually have a signature style. Apart from her red lips of course.

“I don’t usually follow trends. I try to wear things that I can look back on in 30 years and be happy about!” Swift explained.

Swift has been hailed as a style icon many, many times. Last year, the 25-year-old topped People Magazine’s annual best-dressed list.

When Swift is not out performing, she says she would rather hang at home and spend time with her cats, Meredith and Olivia Benson.

Isn’t Taylor Swift the most adorable person ever? Do you think the “1989” singer looks sexy in ger go to style of crop tops and high waisted shorts? Sound off in the comments below.

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