Taylor Swift Takes on Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ with ‘1989’: We Compare Stats

By Nilankur Dutta | 3 years ago
Taylor Swift Takes on Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ with ‘1989’: We Compare Stats
Taylor Swift

Madonna’s “Rebel Heart Tour” kicked into gear at Montreal yesterday as Taylor Swift proved to us once again that she ‘has no chill.’ The “Bad Blood” singer is competing with the Queen of Pop for ticket sales stats. Read on to find out more.

Swift is a most competitive young lady. After taking on Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, it would appear Swift has set her aims higher with the Queen of Pop herself. Specifically, Swift wants her earnings from her “1989 Tour” to overtake Madonna’s, from her “Rebel Heart Tour.” To provide a sense of scale, the 25-year-old singer has already made $ 128 million, midway through “1989 Tour,” NY Post is reporting.

While more than the GDP of many small countries, it is less than $ 134 million that Madonna made while touring for 2012’s “MDNA.”

It is worth noting though, that the album “1989” is doing much better than “Rebel Heart,” with Swift reigning the “Billboard Artist 100” chart for a record-breaking 19th week in the top position. Madonna has also joined the chart, but she is currently at number 7. Even with Swift’s 13% drop recently, she is far, far ahead of the competition.  

Swift has now spent 35 weeks total at the top of the Billboards Chart making her the female artist with the “second-highest number of total weeks” a feat beaten only by Whitney Houston with her 45 weeks.

Madonna, on the other hand, has sold more than three hundred million records, and is the best selling female artist of all time, and fourth in total (after the Beatles, Elvis and Michael Jackson). It is a battle of the titans indeed.

In the meantime, Madonna has blissfully kicked off her “Rebel Heart Tour” in Montreal by gifting Diplo a banana to insert into his behind. As Madonna said to her audience later, “ “There’s so any things you can do with a banana,” Entertainment Weekly is reporting.

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