Taylor Swift VS Lorde And Ellie Goulding: Is She Writing ‘Bad Blood 2?’

By Bindhu Mol. G | 3 years ago
Taylor Swift VS Lorde And Ellie Goulding: Is She Writing ‘Bad Blood 2?’
Taylor Swift

Just weeks after Taylor Swift released her “Bad Blood” video, her closest pals Lorde and Ellie Goulding were spotted hanging out with her enemy Katy Perry.

It has long been rumored that Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” is an angry song about another female artist Katy Perry who allegedly did something horrible to her. The song is reportedly all about how her frenemy tried to sabotage her arena tour by hiring her dancers from under her.

According to Mirror, “Taylor’s track and video are a diss of a former pal, widely accepted to be Katy Perry, who apparently tried to ‘sabotage’ her tour.”

“But now Ellie Goulding, 28, who plays Destructa X in the video, has palled back up with Katy, 30, during a night out in LA with Taylor’s BFF Lorde, 18,” said the source.

Ellie said the girls had such a good night and she could not remember any of it, reports ET. The source also added that she posted the recent picture of her hanging with the “Dark Horse” singer, among other friends including Lorde, on Instagram. However, she quickly deleted it a little later, perhaps after being called out by Taylor’s always dedicated fans.

METRO reports, “Weeks after the release of the “Bad Blood” video in which Ellie Goulding starred alongside Swift, Ellie has been pictured partying with Lorde and Taylor Swift’s enemy Katy Perry.”

“Ellie captioned the image: ‘Don’t really remember this but… good times, ’” the source reported.

Though Ellie seemed to be pledging her commitment and loyalty in the video, her recent Instagram post suggests otherwise, particularly as the picture was deleted shortly after it has been posted, the source reported.

“Lorde also starred in the snap, and she is said to be one of Taylor’s bestest best friends,” said the source.

It looks like there could be some inner drama fermenting within Taylor Swift’s famous group of gal pals. There is possibility that Taylor could soon write “Bad Blood 2” about Ellie Goulding and Lorde’ after Katy Perry snap.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Taylor Swift 

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