Taylor Swift Writes New Song About Katy Perry After ‘Bad Blood’

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Taylor Swift Writes New Song About Katy Perry After ‘Bad Blood’
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Taylor Swift is writing another song about Katy Perry! And it sure is not going to be pretty.

Two of the hottest pop stars in the planet are at it again! With the Super Bowl only a few days, the “1989” singer is getting more anxious about Perry’s half-time performance. Rumor has it, she would be the show to “totally embarrass” Swift. What perfect way to tell the world how you truly hate someone than in the most watched show in the US?

According to HollywoodLife.com, Perry would be releasing a new song called “She’s So Creepy.” This is obviously her reply to Swift’s infamous song about her, “Bad Blood.”

The source claims that Perry’s new song talks about a girl who’s been a “two faced creep.” That sounds just a tad bit harsh, don’t you think?

So Swift disses Perry in her song, and Perry wrote a new one. We would all think that Katy Cats and Swifties could finally stop fighting one another on Twitter. But no, the feud between the two is far from over! Looks like we’re about to witness a showdown.

When she heard that Perry wrote a song about her, the “Blank Space” singer picked up her guitar and started composing another one. This is going to be interesting!

“Taylor will no doubt counterattack with another song in no time. Don’t expect her to take this lying down,” the source from HollywoodLife.com added.

Let the games begin!

Who do you think would win in this showdown, Taylor Swift or Katy Perry? We will be waiting for your responses below, Katy Cats and Swifties.

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