TBS Fills Cast List for TV Comedy ‘Wrecked’

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
TBS Fills Cast List for TV Comedy ‘Wrecked’

“Wrecked,” the “Lost” meets “Gilligan’s Island” inspired comedy, whose pilot episode has been commissioned on TBS, has fill up its cast list. The show, originally ordered in October 2014 according to Deadline, is one of the many upcoming comedy series on the cable network. Read on for more about this news story.

The comedy series “Wrecked” is about a group of passengers whose airplane crashes in a far-off and unknown island. Without any rescue in sight, the survivors, who come from diverse backgrounds, are forced live with each other while adjusting to a new life. It’s not always easy though, as they have to learn to live without the comforts of a civilized world, including indoor plumbing, WiFi and social media, and restaurants like Chipotle, among others. They also have to hurdle through different threats, mostly because most of them are not used to roughing it.

Two characters, best friends Owen and Danny, are the show’s chief focus. Owen, a flight attendant who is described as a good guy, will be played by Zach Cregger (“About a Boy”). On the other hand, Danny is an aspiring cop who is described as quite opportunistic person with questionable work ethics, will be played by Brian Sacca (“The Wolf of Wall Street”). Danny is actually on board the flight on his way to Thailand to sow his wild oats before finally entering the training academy.

The two are joined by Ginger Gonzaga (“Mixology”), who will play Emma, a self-deprecating woman; Asif Ali (Arrested Development”), as Pack, a self-entitled rich kid who relies on his iPhone too much; Ally Maki (“10 Things I Hate About You”), in the role of Jess, who travels to Thailand with Todd (Will Greenberg, “Hot in Cleveland”), Jess’ douche boyfriend; Brooke Dillman (“Kickin’ It”), as Karen, an arrogant big shot at Bing, the search engine site; Jessica Lowe, who will play Florence, the pretentious intellectual feminist; James Scott (“Days of Our Lives”), in the role of Liam, a natural born leader who loses it after the crash; George Basil, as Chet, a party guy who was too drunk on the trip to actually have missed the plane crashing; and Rhys Darby (“Yes Man”), playing Steve, a guy traveling with Brimlow, his dog.

The series is written by up-and-coming writers Justin and Jordan Shipley with Jesse Hara as producer. Filming is to take place in Puerto Rico, according to IMDb, and the show is set to run in the later part of 2015.

We’ll be keeping tabs of “Wrecked” here in Movie News Guide (MNG) so keep checking back for more updates about this show.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/TBS

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