Team Pacquiao Faces $5 Million Lawsuit

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Team Pacquiao Faces $5 Million Lawsuit
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After the fight of the century, lawsuits are being charged to the two legends who fought on the ring. Mayweather is said to be sued by his ex-girlfriend while Pacquiao is being sued for his shoulder injury, which he didn’t declare before the fight.

Stephane Vanel and Kami Rahbaran, fight watchers are suing Pacquiao’s team $5 million due to failure to disclose information regarding the fighter’s shoulder injury before the big fight. Vanel and Rahbaran’s summons were issued lawsuit Tuesday and it will be served within the next few days.

Michael Koncz as well as Top Rank employees Todd DuBoef and Robert Arum were also listed in the lawsuit. However, Koncz has given an interview to the New York Daily News that “it was he, not Pacquiao, who filled out the prefight medical questionnaire in which the injury to boxer’s right shoulder should have been declared.”

“The lawsuit is frivolous. Nothing was concealed, and I except it to be dismissed in due course,” said Daniel Petrocelli, Top Rank’s attorney, regarding the lawsuit.

As for Pacquiao, he hasn’t commented yet on the lawsuit that has been filed against him yet. However, his camp has clarified that before the fight the United States Anti-Doping Agency (Usada) was notified regarding the fighter’s injury even during training and on the night of the fight as well. In fact, they also said that a doctor of Usada even suggested that the fighter take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines on fight night but the NAC didn’t allow it because they claim not to be informed regarding the fighter’s injury.

NAC also made it clear that Team Pacquiao wasn’t obligated to disclose the shoulder injury but Bob Bennett, its executive director was upset saying that he was “dishonest.”

Pacquiao is to undergo surgery, which means a rematch is very unlikely but there have been news that Mayweather might just be up for it and is willing to wait for Pacquiao to heal before they take it to the ring for the second time.

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