‘Ted 2’ update: Amanda Seyfried did not get the script she signed on for

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Ted 2’ update: Amanda Seyfried did not get the script she signed on for

Ted 2” that will be releasing soon will have John Bennett and Ted continuing their stoning adventure in the second installment. This movie promises to be even bigger caper than the first one and will certainly have some moments that fans would love to see. However there is one thing about the movie and that is its not the movie Amanda Seyfried had signed up for. The idea for the movie was something else when the lead actress of the movie was approached for it.

According to Cinema Blend, it did not take long for Seyfried to come aboard the movie since she loved working with Seth MacFarlane in “A Million Ways to Die in the West.”.Her character in the movie was initially paired up with MacFarlane’s character but then later on in the movie parts with Neil Patrick Harris’s character. The movie didn’t fare well, but the two were keen on working together. So when the actress was told about the script, Seth had mentioned the script of “Ted 2” to be a road movie that the two friends namely John and Ted will take. However over the period of time, the road trip idea was shortened a lot and when Seyfried finally received the script for the movie, she did see a road trip scene but that was only between New York City and Boston which is like a three hour drive, the actress mentioned herself. But that did not stop the actress from signing the movie and replacing Mila Kunis who could not be a part of the second installment.

Seyfried plays a lawyer in the movie who also happens to be a marijuana user. However, her character uses it to cure Migraine. “Ted 2” continues the story of an adult teddy bear who now intends to get married to his girlfriend Tammy Lynn and start a family with her. However, he is met with a little problem which forms the rest of the story. The movie will be releasing in theaters soon.

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