Teen Mom 2 Star Adam Lind Separated From Taylor Halbur [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 4 years ago
Teen Mom 2 Star Adam Lind Separated From Taylor Halbur [WATCH VIDEO]
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According to a recent report by Christian Post ,”Teen Mom 2″ star Adam Lind is divorced from his second wife and mother of his second daughter, Taylor Halbur. He was with Halbur after splitting from girlfriend, and “Teen Mom 2” stars Chelsea Houska.  Lind has had an unsteady year, having a near death experience in a car accident and having relationship setback.

“They’re not together. He pretty much just went home one day and started saying how he was just unhappy and how he didn’t feel like Taylor was there for him and that he was going to leave,” a source close to the couple told Radar Online.

Allegedly, Lind was not happy with Halbur and he had been going around with other women while they were still together. Taylor checked into his social media account and discovered about his cheating on her with two girls. All throughout their relationship he was not faithful.

“Taylor went into his Facebook and he was already talking to two other girls,” the source revealed.

“And then Taylor told him to get out and leave. All throughout their relationship, he was for the most part with Chelsea and a few other girls,” continued the source.

Chelsea is the mother of Lind‘s first daughter, Aubree. The couple had a dithering relationship while she was pregnant with Aubree. But when Aubree was born, the couple split up.

They tried to get back together for a short time.  Lind even gifted Chelsea a promise ring, symbolizing that he would always be there for her.   But soon after that, Lind broke the promise and moved on with Halbur. He fathered his second daughter, Paisley with her.

The fatal car crash was supposed to transform Lind’s mind-set and conduct.

“The last four or five months, they were really good. Adam had a job and was doing treatment. He was sober for like 9 months, and then his accident happened and he became different. The last few weeks, he wanted to talk to Taylor, so she did. Taylor wants it to work out for her family and their daughter Paisley, but he’s just so back and forth. If  he got his act together, Taylor would maybe consider taking him back. If he could get to a good point and make it stick, I think she would,” the source said.

“But it would take a long time,” the source added further.

Reportedly, Halbur allows Lind to spend time with daughter Paisley. Chelsea has not commented on anything about the break- up, and car accident and the possibility of getting back together with Adam Lind.

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