Teen Mom Cast Update: Are Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Getting Back Together?

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Teen Mom Cast Update: Are Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Getting Back Together?

Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans was  recently spotted at the colorful Electric Daisy Carnival music festival in New York City. Sounds boring, right? The exciting part was Evans hanging out with her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith. Read on for details.

Evans shared several photos on Instagram during the event. However, her photo with Griffith shocked the fans. She was wearing a strange mask covering her mouth and a floral outfit while posing with Griffith and another male friend. It got vaguer when she only put a bunch of emojis in the caption.

Just a few months after Kaiser’s birth, Evans and Griffith broke up. It was after the latter allegedly abused his own fiancee. Evans took to social media as a way to mourn over her dysfunctional relationship with Griffith.


Evans previously announced working on her own autobiography book. MTV stated that she would include her diary excerpts from childhood. Evans explained being amused when she read her journal again. She just could not remember some of her moments in the past. She also wanted to share her experiences in rehab a couple of years ago. She confirmed that she would not hold back with her journal entries, no matter how embarrassing some are.

Evans admitted her personal reasons for penning her autobiography. She talked about being judged because of her experiences on TV. She wanted to enlighten people that she was having a “rough life” and some rumors about her were not true. She also hoped that readers could relate to her story.

Evans and Griffith have no confirmation yet regarding their relationship status.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Jenelle Evans

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