Teen Mom Cast Update: Farrah Abraham Claims Maci Bookout Is Immature

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Teen Mom Cast Update: Farrah Abraham Claims Maci Bookout Is Immature

Farrah Abraham just had a confrontation with her “Teen Mom OG” co-star Maci Bookout. Abraham claimed Bookout should be more mature. Read on for details.

Abraham completely disagreed with Bookout’s sentiments. In her “Featured Moment” segment, she believed that she could not effectively communicate with Bookout. It was because Bentley’s mother still needs to “expand” her mind and “be more mature about life.”

However, Abraham was still optimistic about her reconciliation with Bookout. She said she could not stand negativity. Despite giving her two cents worth about Bookout, she claimed that Bookout’s statements have no impact in her life. She said she does not care at all.

Previously on “Teen Mom,” Abraham told Bookout that she should not be in the show anymore. It was because Bookout mentioned in the past that she does not want to be a part of it any longer. Abraham continued to attack Bookout. She did it by sarcastically saying goodbye and pointing out that no one in the show needs her.

While the fight continued, their co-star Amber Portwood was completely speechless. Meanwhile, Bookout retorted that Abraham is not her boss. Disregarding Bookout’s statement, Abraham just emphasized that she still wants to be in the series.

Recalling how Bookout learned about Abraham’s return, she was with her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney. It was when executive producer Morgan J. Freeman casually told her that Abraham is returning. Bookout became speechless for a moment and quietly said that she does not want to join the show anymore.

Why was the 23-year-old mother horrified with Abraham being on the show again? Bookout admitted on the show’s “Featured Moments” segment that she did not know what to think at first. She explained that before joining the fifth installment, she made it “very, very clear” that she does not want to take part if Abraham’s story is included in the series.

“Teen Mom” Season 5 airs every Monday at 10:00 p.m. on MTV.

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