Teen Mom Cast Update: Maci Bookout Recalls Her Tragic Accident with Bentley

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Teen Mom Cast Update: Maci Bookout Recalls Her Tragic Accident with Bentley

Teen Mom OG” (TMOG) star Maci Bookout’s life flashed before her eyes as her car flipped numerous times. It was during a road trip with her son, Bentley, and her unborn daughter, Jayde. Recovering from the traumatic event, she shared her thoughts as a victim and a mother. Read on for details.

Miraculously, Bookout, Bentley, and Jayde survived the accident without any serious injury. Bookout was driving while Bentley sat in the backseat. She became emotional on the show’s “Featured Moment” segment as she recalled the unfortunate trip.

Like most near-death experiences, the 23-year-old mother saw everything in slow motion as the accident happened. She said it actually happened more or less 15 seconds but to her, it was like 15 minutes.

How did the three fragile passengers survive the violent accident? Bookout explained that her seat belt was tight. Her first thought was about how effective her seat belt was in saving her life.

“As soon as we started flipping, I could just feel my seat belt glue me to my seat. I remember just thinking, ’Oh my god, my seat belt’s saving my life right now,'” Bookout said.

Tears started to come up when Bookout remembered herself checking on her six-year-old son after the car stopped. They were upside-down in the middle of the road. Thankfully, her prayers were heard as Bookout saw Bentley safe behind her.

Before this emotional Featured Moment, Bookout was busy explaining herself after her fight with Farrah Abraham. She explained that she wanted to talk to Abraham in order to clarify that it was never her intention to hurt her. In another “Featured Moment” segment, she emphasized that she was not judging Abraham. It was because she understood the feeling of being left out. She completely believed that Abraham’s insecurity was normal.

“Teen Mom” Season 5 airs every Monday at 10:00 p.m. on MTV.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Teen Mom

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