Teen Mom Cast Update: Tyler Baltierra’s Comment on Catelynn Lowell’s Weight

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Teen Mom Cast Update: Tyler Baltierra’s Comment on Catelynn Lowell’s Weight

Tyler Baltierra seems to lack basic knowledge about women. In the latest episode of “Teen Mom OG” on Monday, May 18, 2015, Baltierra finally dropped the bomb on Catelynn Lowell about her weight. Read on for details.

To be fair to Lowell, she successfully lost 20 pounds after pregnancy. She is currently getting ready for her wedding in Aug. 2015. However, Baltierra continued to talk about his fiancee’s weight most of the time and constantly reminded her about exercise and proper diet.

Adding salt to the wound, Baltierra opened up during family dinner that Lowell “would never finish a plate” before Novalee came into their lives. The continuous talk about weight forced Lowell to reveal that she experienced joining “Weight Watchers.” Lowell lost patience and told Baltierra that he is “horrible,” which made her lose determination.

In Baltierra’s defense, he was just supporting her weight loss journey with tough love. Their parents eventually cleared the air as the episode went on. However, this time, Baltierra caught the attention of angry fans on social media. Like his apologetic act on the show, Baltierra tweeted to emphasize that it was never his intention to hurt Lowell.

Baltierra also responded to an angry fan by clearing out that it was all about the editing. He said the entire conversation was different than the three-minute version on TV. He revealed that Lowell was indeed losing it.

Lowell’s longtime boyfriend did a great job as damage control. He admitted his weakness in “saying the right things.” He explained that it is already his nature to be “blunt” and “honest.” He admitted that it is difficult for a man to talk to a woman about her weight and promised to try harder with Lowell.

Novalee’s mother stayed composed on Twitter, not giving any comment about Baltierra’s issue. The only thing she wrote was an affirmation to Amber Portwood’s tweet.

“My goodness babe I know how hard it is to lose weight…sucks @CatelynnLowell,” Portwood told Lowell.

“Teen Mom” Season 5 airs every Monday at 10:00 p.m. on MTV.

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