Teen Mom Maci Bookout Says Ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards Was Absent As A Father! Slams Him in Memoir ‘Bulletproof’!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Teen Mom Maci Bookout Says Ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards Was Absent As A Father! Slams Him in Memoir ‘Bulletproof’!

Teen Mom” Maci Bookout’s memoir “Bulletproof” strongly talks about her personal experiences and struggles as a single mother. Bookout’s book “Bulletproof” came out on July 21, 2015, and with some serious accusations on ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards. Read on.

RadarOnline noted Bookout saying that Edwards, her then-boyfriend and father of 6-years-old Bentley would always find some excuse to be not home. And whenever he’ll come home, Edwards would straight go to bed to sleep. Bookout slams ex-boyfriend for being absent as a boyfriend and a father.

Bookout accused Edwards of not being ever available as a father. She also added that the only time he took any interest in being a father was when “Teen Mom” fame came knocking. It was said that Edwards was even absent for Bentley’s baseball practices.

TBookout soon realised the situation and dumped baby daddy from hell! Not very late, she started hearing about Ryan Edwards’ girlfriends and she wasn’t surprised about it.

Even little Bentley started to sense the situation of his absent father and had developed negative attitude towards Edwards. Bookout’s “Bulletproof” also talks about how lonely she got as she had no one around to talk or even to take suggestions from!

Luckily for the “Teen Mom” cast member, her story doesn’t have a sad ending. She soon found love in Motorcross racer boyfriend, Taylor McKinney. According to Maci Bookout, McKinney is very active with Bentley and the couple welcomed baby daughter Jayde in May this year.

In an interview with TheAshley, Bookout said that she is very sure that Edwards won’t ever read the book! She accepts that they are both now in a better place, but there are some things in the book, he won’t ever want to read.

“It talks about the struggles that we had, and how I felt about certain things he had been doing. It also talks about what I had been doing wrong, so I’m anxious for him to hear about it. But at the same time, he lived it too. It’s almost his life written in a book too.” Bookout said.

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