Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale Recap: Smoke and Mirrors

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale Recap: Smoke and Mirrors

The Season 4 finale of “Teen Wolf,”Episode 12 “Smoke and Mirrors,” has just aired, and we have the full recap for you.

In the previous episode, Kira and Scott were locked up in some cell in Mexico, and “Smoke and Mirrors” opened up in the same cell. Kira woke up, and she found that the door was open. She started looking for Scott. She did find him, though, but the Berserker already has taken over and attacked her.

Kate appeared and narrated her story to Kira. After her escape from the Caleveras, she went in a temple, which name can be translated to “Smoke and Mirrors.” Hence, the episode’s title. This is where she met the Berserkers, and they helped her survive. Soon she realized that she can control and create them. Kate tried to test Scott’s loyalty to her. Scott stabbed Kira as a proof.

Meanwhile, Stiles was trying to force his father to going to Mexico, but Sheriff Stilinski won’t budge because he wanted to the whole search process in a legal and proper way. However, Stiles was willing to do everything to save his best friend’s life. Finally, the Sheriff gave in and got in touch with some offices if he can find some helpful information. He then decided that if they can’t extract details from them, they will go to Mexico.

Derek and Braeden were getting a lot of guns, and Peter appeared and told them that the Berserkers are very difficult to kill, which means that they are going to need a lot of people. Stiles asked Malia to smell to keep track of Scott. Liam showed up, and they let him go with them. They all met in a warehouse to discuss what they’re going to do. They later realized that Lydia was missing — she was attacked by a Berserker.

Inside the van, Derek gave Liam an ancient talisman. Mrs. Yakimura appeared to Kira while she was dying from the wound, and she told her that in order to head, it’s with pain. So Kira started the whole process.

Mason was the one sent to find Lydia. He found her alright inside the school, but both of them got attacked by the Berserker. They all got to La Inglesia, but when Derek opened the door, a Berserker attacked him. He was gravely injured, but he told the others to go find Scott. Braeden stayed with Derek. They found Kira, and she told Stiles that Scott is a Berserker. Then we got a look at Derek who smiled and closed his eyes.

They all got to Scott, and it was such an epic battle. Liam was able to talk Scott out from his Berseker guise. This was when Scott realized that Peter was behind everything to gain power. The good news was that Derek didn’t die. He just transformed, and he nearly killed Kate. Peter and Scott fought, and Scott won.

This episode has given us a lot of answers: Chris left to catch Kate, Peter is alive, Braeden was once a U.S Mashall and Kira got her first tail.

Furthermore, we saw Peter getting locked up in Eichen House, with yellow wolfsbane and walls made of mountain ash. To make things even better, he’s with Dr. Valack.

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