Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap: Episode 1 The Dark Moon

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap: Episode 1 The Dark Moon
Dylan O’Brien speaking at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International, for “Teen Wolf”, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

Alas, the premiere of “Teen Wolf” Season 4 Episode 1 “The Dark Moon” has finally aired (air date: June 23, 2014)! So, how did the premiere go and what happened? Read on because we have the “Teen Wolf” Season 4 recap of Episode 1 “The Dark Moon”  for you.

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 Episode 1 “The Dark Moon” opened with Lydia and Stiles in Mexico with the most stupid plan ever. Lydia is convinced that they are going to die. They went to a party in Mexico and when both of them were at the bar, a man came to them offering to buy them a drink but Lydia refused and told him that they’re not there to drink.

Lydia and Stiles were taken upstairs and Lydia told Araya, the leader of the Spanish werewolf hunters, that they are looking for Derek Hale. Stiles gave Araya $50,000 in exchange for Derek and Araya wondered how a teenage boy got that amount of money. She told Derek that it wasn’t smart to come alone, in which Derek revealed that they weren’t alone! We found out that they were with Malia, Kira and Scott McCall after all and they were downstairs at the party.

Kira felt that something is happening and she thinks that Stiles has betrayed their location and people are looking for them but Malia advised her to just blend in the crowd. Back upstairs, Araya told Lydia and Stiles that they have come at such a terrible time, which is during the Dark Moon, because it is a time for grief and loss. She wondered with the many losses that Stiles and Lydia have had, how come they are still putting everything at risk for Derek? Meanwhile, Stiles told her that they hate losing.

Their whole plan got busted and after a couple of pleas and desperate measures to get back Derek, Scott realized that even Araya doesn’t know where Derek is. We saw a flashback where Lydia used her banshee powers to locate Derek with the use of the bullets that she has dropped into the shot glass at the bar. She heard Derek’s screams and Lydia wasn’t sure if he’s still alive or not, but one thing’s for sure, something’s definitely not right. Meanwhile, she’s having tea with Araya because Araya wanted to test her powers and demanded that Lydia figure out which of her men is about to die.

Araya’s real motive why she’s keeping Lydia is to know what kind of Alpha Scott McCall really is. Scott got chained up and Kira, his girlfriend who is immune to electricity, was being forced to turn on the electricity dial that Scott is hooked up to. To save his life, Scott needs to answer Araya’s questions. Stiles and Malia were the only two people who were left in prison and Malia was having a hard time concentrating to find out what’s happening to Scott. Stiles kissed her to help her concentrate… and it worked.

After being electrocuted a number of times, Scott realized that it is really Kate that they are looking for and there we saw Kate in some cave where Derek is resting. Araya then guided them to La Iglesia by allowing Braeden to guide them there.

Stiles’ jeep ran over a claw and they had to stop so Scott had to go with Braeden on her bike to get to La Iglesia. While Stiles fixes his car, they heard a roar and Malia took off after it, with Kira following her. And when they got back, Malia was scratched.

Before Scott and Braeden entered La Iglesia, Braeden revealed to him that she was hired by Araya to find Kate and bring her back to them but not to kill her. Inside La Iglesia, they found Derek YOUNG! It may be because of the Dark Moon.

And that’s the “Teen Wof” Season 4 recap of Episode 1 “The Dark Moon.” What did you think of this episode? Share your thoughts with us by posting your comments below! For the latest news, recaps and spoilers on “Teen Wolf” and other TV shows as well as entertainment news, make sure that you catch it here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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