Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap: Perishable

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap: Perishable

In the latest episode of “Teen Wolf,” Episode 9 “Perishable,” the benefactor had been revealed. The mystery behind Lydia’s grandmother was uncovered. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode started with Parrish inside his car while Deputy Haigh set his car on fire. Lydia and Stiles were wondering if her mother is still alive. They went to the sheriff to gather more information, but before they can do so, Parrish was surprisingly alive and attacked Haigh. With this commotion, Lydia went to the rescue and brought Parrish to Scott and Derek. She explained to Parrish that he’s a bit different from other people. However, Derek did not have any clue on Parish’s real identity.

Meanwhile, Stilinski was about to go on a surgery to remove the bullet in his shoulder, and he got into an argument with Stiles before the procedure on who’s going to take care of who. This was a very touching moment.

The group was still wondering about the number of assassins that were looking for them, but then, Liam’s printer started printing copies of the Dead Pool. They saw their names, while the others’ were already crossed off, which meant that they successfully killed those people already.

Lydia started to tell them the story of  Lorraine, her grandmother, who loved another woman named Maddie. Lorraine heard that there was a storm coming. Then again, when she looked outside, the weather was fine. Lorraine thought of Maddie right away because she was planning to go on a boat trip that day. However, she did not listen to Lorraine and still pushed through with her plans. She died in a storm. After that, Lorraine tried everything to know more about her abilities, and then she came across Meredith. It was Lorraine who made the code for the list and the one who left the note.

Scott also tried to warn Derek that his life is in danger, but Derek answered him bluntly that he might be in danger. However, Banshees don’t predict that. They predict deaths instead.

Stiles and Lydia were still figuring out Lorraine’s note until it dawned on Lydia about Lorraine’s fondness for “The Little Mermaid.” She used this to break the code. It unraveled the list that Lorraine is on. All over town, printers were going crazy as those produced the list of the names on the Dead Pool. Parish looked at the people on the list, and he realized that all of the people there were dead, and all of them took their lives at Eichen House.

There was a party going on at the school, while Lydia and Stiles went to Brunski to bribe him so they could get their hands on the Eichen House files. At the party, Scott figured out that the music was making them weak, and two assassins showed up at the school and took Scott, Liam and Malia and poured gasoline on them. Luckily, Mason was there to save the day and turned off the music.

Back at Eichen House, Brunkski let Lydia listen to Lorraine’s tape when she was murdered. Just when Brunkski was about to hurt Lydia, Parrish came in and save the day. To make this episode even much better, the benefactor had been revealed. It was Meredith!

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