Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap: A Promise to the Dead

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap: A Promise to the Dead
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Teen Wolf” Season 4 is about to end, but before we wrap this season up, things are getting even more exciting and interesting in Beacon Hills. The latest episode, Episode 11 “A Promise to the Dead,” featured a gruesome, creepy with a dash of romantic and mushiness and a major cliffhanger. Read on for further details.

Nothing was worse than seeing a guy named Patrick dragging a dead body through a freezer, and this was how the episode opened. As he was dragging it, the body started to move, which only meant that whoever was in that body bag is alive. The good news was Deaton was there to the rescue, but of course, Patrick did not go down without a fight. Deaton won, and he took Patrick to Eichen House.

When he got there, Deaton went to a very unfamiliar place in the asylum we haven’t seen before. It turned out that he was looking for Dr. Valack, and he was playing against the rules because the other Doctor has already told him that he should not see Dr. Valack. Still, he went for it because he wanted to learn more about Kate Argent and what she did to Derek. When he got to him, the doctor asked him to come closer, and it was the creepiest thing that we’ve seen so far in this episode. Moreover, the head of the doctor has another eye. Imagine Cyclops.

Meanwhile, Scott was still hesitant to give the money back to Derek because he wanted to keep it so he can help his mom. Liam and Mason were bonding by playing video games, but Mason left and told Liam that he needs to study, which devastated Liam. It turned out that Liam was scared of the Berserkers and of the dark. Things got out of hand, and we heard a screaming Lydia.

Scott made up his mind and decided to return the money to Derek. When he did, Derek told him that that wasn’t his money but Peter’s! As for Deaton, after that scary meeting with Dr. Valack and the other doctor’s advice that he did not follow, he still did not leave Eichen House. Liam was still so shaken on his encounter with a Berseker. Argent got to where Kate and Peter were hiding with his gun, only to find Peter with a Berserker.

What did Peter do to Argent? Of course, he didn’t kill him because he promised Kate, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t hurt him.

One thing that’s really good about this episode that will turn your insides into a mushy ball (in a good way) was that Kira and Scott finally had their first date.They were planning to watch a movie at Derek’s, but Scott forgot the TV. What else can they do? They made out, and it was so hot. However, things got interrupted when Kate and a Berserker found them and the Berserker started beating up Scott. Knowing Scott, he wasn’t going to let himself get beat up just like that. He’s going to put up a fight as well as Kira, but Kate and the Berserker were stronger than them.

After that whole incident with Kate and the Berserker, Kira and Scott didn’t go to school, and there was a game. Coach was freezing out already. So where were they? Well, we saw Kira woke up surrounded by skeletons. As for Scott, Kate tied him up and put a Berserker mask on him. Uh-oh.

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