Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap: The Benefactor

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap: The Benefactor
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What happened to the Beacon Hills this week? “Teen Wolf” Season 4 Episode 4 “The Benefactor” aired on Monday, July 14, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on MTV. Previously on “Teen Wolf,” Liam and Malia were still struggling with their transformation, and they found out something about The Mute. There was a shocking revelation about the Benefactor and another character on the show! Read on for the full recap of this episode.

The episode started with the police officers investigating the death of the wendigo, and they needed help with this. The sheriff called whom he labels as the “expert” when it comes to this — no other than Derek Hale. Liam, who’s still struggling with his transformation, was in Scott’s bathroom, duct taped. Stiles and Scott discussed what they were going to do with him. After their conversation, they freed Liam and took him to the bedroom. Liam proved to be a great actor with his crocodile tears and all and used this to be freed. Once he was freed, he attacked Stiles and Scott then escaped.

At Derek’s place, The Mute attacked Peter. It left a message, and Derek was next. Uh-oh. There’s a full moon happening that night, and Malia and Stiles were inspecting the chains that she would have to wear, while Lydia found something on her math notes. She thought that a code was hidden beneath all of those formulas. We saw Mrs. Martin once again, and she told Lydia the rules for the lake house.

Scott and Stiles were getting frustrated with what to do with Liam, so they asked Kira to invite him to a “party” so they could get him to the lake house, where they could chain Liam up. Meanwhile, Derek healed Peter, and Peter told him about what The Mute said.

At the lake house, Liam started to transform, but he still wouldn’t believe what Scott and the others were telling him. Liam and Malia started to lose control, and Lydia was asked to distract the people who showed up at their so-called party.

Derek and Stilinski’s conversation was interrupted when Parrish came. It turned out that he knew what kind of tomahawk The Mute used and about the communicator. Parrish then got an IP address from the communicator, and they started getting messages from the Benefactor. They realized that The Mute is an assassin.

A guy showed up at the party to deliver the keg that they ordered, but then he turned the moment that he was about to leave under the spell of the full moon. However, he didn’t fully transform because he was able to control it. Violet was faster than him and killed him right away. Garrett then received a text from the Benefactor telling him that the money was transferred into his account.

Mason and Lydia met while looking for Liam, and Mason helped her when she spilled wine on the carpet. Lydia was upset because the lake house was being sold. Lydia discovered a soundproof room in the lake house and found a record player. She turned it on and then started to hear voices. Faces soon came out of the wall in front of her.

Derek and the Sheriff went to the school to investigate, but the moment that they stepped inside, they knew right away that something was up. They were able to dodge a trap that was intended for them. The Mute then showed up,and  they were able to hold him down. When they were ready to arrest him, Peter showed up and killed him.

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