Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap: Orphaned

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap: Orphaned
Dylan O’Brien speaking at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International, for “Teen Wolf”, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

Previously on “Teen Wolf” Season 4 Episode “Orphaned” (air date: July 28, 2014), there were multiple deaths again, and two people were joining forces. Read on for the full recap of this episode.

The show opened up with Kate playing a tape in her that talks about the Hale family, as well as their practice to calm young werewolves to gain control. It turned out that the tape were from the two orphans, Violet and Garrett.

Violet was taken in custody by Deputy Parrish and Sheriff Stilinski, while Agent McCall tried to interrogate her to uncover some details where she got such a dangerous weapon. Scott was there too. When Violet was being taken away, she gave him a side glance, which only meant that something was up. However, Violet denied all accusations and would not admit to anything. McCall was running out of patience, so he pulled the “orphan” card on her by taunting her.

Derek and Stiles were doing their best to save Brett from Garrett’s wolfsbane. Brett tried to escape, but Peter got to him and knocked him down. Dr. Deaton cut into Brett’s chest, while Brett kept repeating, “The sun, the moon, the truth.”

Meanwhile, Scott found a lot of cash piled up in Garrett’s locker. Liam and Scott went out for a jog to talk about Garrett. While they were jogging, Liam sped up a little and left Scott behind when suddenly he got hit by a car driven by Garrett. He apologized, but then he got a lacrosse stick and stabbed Liam. Malia heard a voice while in class, and she followed it only to come across Derek. Derek asked for her help because he needed to find Brett’s pack.

Scott got a call from Garrett, demanding that he return the money back or else he would kill Liam. Stiles, Lydia and Parrish went to speak to Meredith about the third key, but the Benefactor threatened Meredith to keep mum about it. However, Lydia kept on pushing her. It freaked out Lydia, and she screamed so hard.

Garrett and Scott followed the car that was carrying Violet, but it crashed. Stillinski and McCall were hurt, and they discovered that Violet was gone. Scott and Dr. Deaton were stabbed by the Berserkers. As Scott was fighting them off, he found Violet dead.

Stiles and Lydia continued on their mission to find the final key. They started thinking of every other dead person because they thought that it might be the key. However, Stiles realized that the Banshees can predict death, which means that the final key is someone who’s not yet dead. So Lydia let her mind do the work, and she typed Derek. Liam and Malia were on the list now too. Lydia got the news that Meredith killed herself at Eichen. Meanwhile, Peter and Kate teamed up to gain power.

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