Teen Wolf Season 5 Premiere Recap

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 5 Premiere Recap
Photo source: Teen Wolf Official FB page

Senior year at Beacon Hills High has begun. “Teen Wolf” Season 5, Episode “Creatures of the Night” left us with so many questions! Read below for the full recap as reported by Hypable.

The episode opened at Eichen House with Lydia taking a shower and a nurse told her to hurry up. This nurse looks like she’s not fond of Lydia. When Lydia was done – she was lifeless, well, acting lifeless, and another nurse came who seems to be fond of her.He then used a needle in order to “accidentally” stabbed her and he seems to be taking pleasure in her pain. Just when he was about to stab her with a needle on the neck, Lydia stood up and ran outside the halls with her banshee powers.

Then the moment she stepped up she saw a vision of Aiden who told her, “Sorry, Lydia, but your treatment’s not done yet. Not yet.” And then the nurses came up to her, dragging her back inside and Lydia said, “Please, I have to tell. They’re going to die. My friends. They’re all going to die.”

Next scene is Stiles and Scott hanging out near the jepp. Stiles started thinking of going to college. However, Scott remains nonchalant about the matter and dwells more on the fact that their senior year would be difficult.

We saw Liam chained to a tree, pleading for them to let him go. He even promising that he will not run naked again. He said that the full moon doesn’t affect them. However, he lied because his bloody hands tell otherwise.

Sheriff Stilinski gave Parrish a real task to check up on a complaint in the neighborhood. Dying to have Sheriff’s trust back, he was more than eager to go. When he got to an empty house, a mysterious creature with blue eyes and giant claws grabbed him. He confirmed that Parrish isn’t a werewolf but something else. The creature then asked where Scott is. Parrish didn’t answer him so the creature left him badly injured.

Kira, who was stuck in traffic, spotted Theo in traffic on the highway . Scott met Kira on the highway due to the traffic caused by a tractor trailer. Melissa also got a close call with the creature that attacked Parrish.

Things are getting weirder at Scott’s house. He saw the clock and the fridge magnets doing weird things. On the other hand, Parrish’s got few smoking wounds, but then we saw Lydia touching his wounds and saying, “Stay with me” and they almost kissed! By the time they got Parrish in the hospital, he’s completely healed.

Parrish told Sheriff and Melissa that the creature may have the ability to steal the powers of Scott. Liam overheard the conversation and ran to his friends to warn them.

Malia is worried about summer school while Stiles worries if they’re going to be friends forever even after high school and about Senior Scribe. Liam was too late. Before he could warn his friends he found Scott already battling the creature with Kira. Then, Theo showed up showing his werewolf side. After that, Theo introduced himself and Stiles looked suspicious.

When they got to the library where Senior Scribe is all about, they headed on the shelves to put their initials. Stiles saw Derek’s initials and Scott added Allison’s name.

Before the episode ended, we saw a peak of the creepy doctors and the mysterious creature who pleaded for his life and another chance but the doctors ended his life still.

Dr. Valack interrogates Lydia about what happened before senior year has started at the Eichen House. We also saw glimpses of Liam and Scott roaring, Kira who looks like she’s leaving, Melissa slapping Stilinski, Parrish surrounded in flames, Stiles inside a flipped over Jeep and Malia cornered by a Desert wolf.

Are all of these happening inside Lydia’s head? That we have to find out in the coming episodes of “Teen Wolf” Season 5. What do you think of this episode? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: Teen Wolf Official FB page

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