Teen Wolf Season 5 Recap: Condition Terminal

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 5 Recap: Condition Terminal
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In the latest “Teen Wolf” Season 5, Episode 4 “Condition Terminal” the Dread Doctors are trying to link the supernatural and science, hence their weird creations and there’s no stopping them. Read below for the full “Teen Wolf” recap.

The episode opened with Lydia testing Parrish’s resistance to fire. During this “test,” Parrish let us in one of his memories. He is seen carrying a burnt body to the Nemeton in the woods. He laid the body but then he caught fire and saw the place was full of dead bodies.

Meanwhile, Donovan is being experimented by the Dread Doctors while Stiles, Scott, Liam and Deaton arrived and found Lydia bleeding out at the police station. Theo acted on it because Stiles froze and took her to the hospital. As for Tracy, she’s dead and she hasn’t transformed back to human again so Deaton asked Stilinski if he could take her body and study it.

Deaton found out that the Dread Doctors are playing between science and the supernatural while the holes in the woods have something to do with the process the Doctors have been doing. To get more answers, Deaton is headed out of town but we know for sure that he’ll be back with some useful information.

After Lydia’s surgery, she woke up with Parrish in her room and asked if he knows Kung Fu. Conveniently, Parrish knows Jiu Jitsu and Lydia asked him to teach her and Parrish obliged.

Thanks to Scott’s AP Bio Lesson, which he may drop, he came to the conclusion that the Dread Doctors are making something close to a chimera.

The scene changed to the Dread Doctors lab again. Theo talked to Donovan and instruction him to go after Stiles. Stiles, on the other hand, was at the library with Malia, Kira and Scott trying to find more information on chimeras.

While everyone was busy solving the Dread Doctors mystery, Mason took Liam to Sinema, a club in Beacon Hills and when they got in, Lim immediately sensed that there’s another supernatural in the club.

Melissa called Scott and Kira to help a kid named Corey. He was screaming in pain from a burn on his arm in the hospital. Scott managed to take away some of the pain and it turns out that a scorpion attacked Corey. Not just a scorpion but something 6-10 ft. tall.

That scorpion is actually Lucas who was eyeing Liam in the club. Liam and Brett tried to fight him off, Scott and Kira came to the rescue. Before Kira could kill him, the Dread Doctors showed up again and shot Lucas through the heart claiming that he was “terminal.”

Parrish then took Lucas’ body to the Nemeton and once again sets himself on fire while Malia found a book titled “The Dread Doctors” and Donovan finally caught up with Stiles.

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Photo source: Teen Wolf Facebook

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