Teen Wolf Season 5 Recap: Dreamcatchers

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 5 Recap: Dreamcatchers
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Teen Wolf” Season 5, Episode 3 “Dreamcatchers” had Tracy all out of control. Read below for the full recap.

Donovan was set to be transported to another jail but of course, he wasn’t going down without a fight. He tried to pester Stilinski who was prepping up for his blind date that night, and threaten him. It didn’t work, but he didn’t get to see his jail cell either because during his transfer, the driver suddenly got paralyzed and Donovan noticed clear goo from the roof of the car. It was his best chance to escape, but he didn’t get too far. It was because the Doctors caught up with him and put some sort of gun into his ear and his eyes suddenly glazed.

Stiles revealed that he’s feeling anxious because of the picture that Braeden sent him. However, though, we have a feeling that it has something to do with the Desert Wolf.

Meanwhile, Malia got a car even before she passed her driving test and took it for a spin with Lydia and Kira. She was so happy that she didn’t even care about anything. She was fearless and drove the car straight toward a tree but thankfully, they all got out alive. There is a purpose as to why Malia drove like that because it led them to the crime scene. They found Donovan who was freaking out and Lydia figured out that Tracy was behind the attack.

The group contemplated on what to do and Malia was the only person who actually considered killing Tracy, which is surprising/ As usual, Scott doesn’t want to consider that yet. Their main goal is to get to Tracy before they decide on what to do next. Before they go to their classes, because apparently, supernatural beings still need to finish high school, Stiles showed Malia the picture Braeden sent him and it is a group of people that the Desert Wolf murdered.

Liam informed Scott that Tracy is in history class and was very violent. When Scott tried to contain the situation, Tracy sees him as one of the Doctors and said, “They’re all coming for all of us.” Then, she collapsed and silver goo came out of her mouth. They took Tracy to Deaton and Liam and Mason thinks of another possible Alpha for Tracy and they think Brett will be the perfect Alpha for her.

At the animal hospital, Deaton thinks that the silver goo that came out from Tracy’s mouth is mercury, but he couldn’t figure out why it’s there in her system. He then performed a test on himself. After that, he found a tail after Tracy’s spine busted open and paralyzed Deaton, Malia, Scott, and Stiles. It turns out, Tracy is a Kanima but a different kind.

In other news, Kira found a dreamcatcher and in the crime scene and she and Lydia put two and two together. They came to the conclusion that Tracy is having night terrors and she’s killing people who tried to help her and that includes her father.

And while all of this is happening, Liam is busy talking to Brett about being the possible Alpha for Tracy and but Brett doesn’t know her and Liam realized something about Tracy’s picture. She was wearing the necklace that they found in that  hole in the woods but when they go back to the woods, they can’t find the hole anymore. It turns out that they looked at the wrong hole.

Tracy is after Lydia’s mom and it turns out she’s Stilinski’s date and Tracy ruined everything by showing up. Kira and Tracy had a showdown and Lydia got badly injured. Malia then took over Tracy and tried to convince her that she’s not dreaming. The Doctors showed up and injected more mercury into Tracy’s system then declared her terminal and left her to die.

It was odd because the Doctors didn’t do anything to Malia, she was just there!

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Photo source: Teen Wolf Facebook Page

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