Teen Wolf Season 5 Recap: A Novel Approach

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 5 Recap: A Novel Approach
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Teen Wolf” Season 5, Episode 5 “A Novel Approach” gave us a better understanding on the Dread Doctors. Thanks to Dr. Valack and now the pack needs to get their act together to put a stop to the violence and mystery surrounding Beacon Hills. Read below for the full recap:

“Teen Wolf” Season 5, Episode 5 continues with the scene where Stiles is being attacked by Donovan. Lucky for Stiles, though, he had a wrench nearby that he used to hit Donovan and this allowed him to run towards the high school and into the library.

Donovan caught up with him and gave a speech about his father. He was once Stilinski’s partner that he left alone to call for backup. What happened was his dad got shot in the spinal cord, hence his paralysis from the waist down. To avenge his father, Donovan thinks that it’s fair to do the same thing to Stiles.

However, Stiles knew that it was coming. He drove a huge metal beam through his chest and silver stuff started to ooze out of his body. Just when he was about to leave, he heard his phone buzzing in Donovan’s jacket and retrieved it then he called 911. The police came only to find a crime scene with nobody because it’s supernatural stuff, they can’t see the body!

Stiles then got a call from Scott saying that someone is taking the dead victims of the Dread Doctors. Malia was sharing the book from the Dread Doctors to everyone. They learned that the Doctors take teenagers during the night and bury them alive. It’s some kind of a ritual of parascientists. On the other hand, Lydia thinks that it’s a prediction so they really have to go visit Dr. Valack at Eichen House.

Scott showed the book to Theo. He pointed out that Dr. Valack was acknowledged in the book. So, that means they really have to go to Eichen House. Theo reported to the Dread Doctors that their plan is working. Stiles should have stayed behind after what happened to him, but he chose to go since Lydia is going. Aww. Oh, and Scott and Kira had their moment, too!

While Scott and the rest of the group arrived at Eichen house, Malia stayed behind and this gave Theo the chance to flirt with her. Back at Eichen House, they came face-to-face with Dr. Valack. He said that he’s the one who wrote the book to open the eyes of people to the Dread Doctors. He said that the doctors are not human. They were scientists who worshipped the supernatural stuff and the used electromagnetic forces so they could live longer and at the same time, gain power.

Valack explained further that the reason the Dread Doctors are in Beacon Hills is because that the are re-igniting Nemeton. Hence Kira’s body vibrating electricity and the Doctors used her to get inside Eichen House. Right on cue, the Doctors arrived at Eichen House and Scott was quick enough to sweep Kira out of harm’s way. Valack told them that the book will trigger their memory senses allowing them to focus on the Dread Doctors so he advised them to read it. With that, Lydia recorded her scream for Valack and they hid when the Doctors came in. Dr. Valack then used Lydia’s scream to break the glass of his cell.

It also turns out that the one getting the dead bodies is Parrish and Stiles and Lydia feel responsible for what’s happening because they reactivated the Nemeton.

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Photo source: Teen Wolf Facebook

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