Teen Wolf Season 5 Recap: Parasomnia

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 5 Recap: Parasomnia
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Episode 2 “Parasomnia” of “Teen Wolf” Season 5 has aired a day after it premiered and it left us with something to think about: Is Theo trustworthy or not? Read below for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with a new character named Tracy. She is in the guidance office talking with Mrs. Martin about her night terrors. It involved a bird tapping on her window and one of the doctors showing up. When she almost shut her window someone grabbed her chair. Mrs. Martin told her that it’s just anxiety, but then Tracy started vomiting black blood and feathers.

Scott is at the vet office. With the help of Dr. Deaton, they checked out the talons from the bad guy last episode. They found out that those are eagle talons with the ability to absorb power. However, the ability to absorb powers is only possibl when a bitten werewolf does it to their alpha. Deaton thinks something has changed the rules.

Meanwhile, Stiles remain suspicious of their new member Theo and he told Malia about a speeding ticket 8 years ago that Theo got. Malia wasn’t the least bothered by it and doesn’t understand why Stiles is so obsessed with Theo. Then Stiles told her that he knew Theo from fourth grade and the Theo now isn’t Theo. Uh-oh.

When Tracy got to her locker she noticed black blood coming out from it and a doctor crawls out of it. Lydia noticed this and she quickly took Tracy outside. We saw that there are claw marks on Tracy’s locker door.

In the locker room, Theo told Scott and Stiles how he was bitten. He said he was skating in an empty pool when an Alpha came for him. By the time the first full moon came around, the alpha was killed by two of his betas, the twins Ethan and Aiden. It means Theo has been all alone this whole time. With that story, Stiles doesn’t buy it still.

Lydia asked Parrish to check in on Tracy. When he did, he found Tracy’s roof covered in dead birds, but he didn’t tell Lydia about this. He decided to keep watch of Lydia’s house for the night.

Stiles, still wanting to get to the bottom of the whole Theo thing found out two different documents signed by Theo’s father, which turns out to be different.

Liam and Stiles followed Theo into the woods and then they saw Theo leaving flowers for his sister who died due to exposure. They tried to make a run for it but Theo spotted them. Theo told Stiles that he came back for him because he wants a friend like him.

Scott and Stiles fought about Theo while Tracy gets out of her house in a trance without Parrish noticing her. When Tracy woke up, she’s in a lab with the doctors. It turns out that she’s being turned into a werewolf and all of her hallucinations the past few days was her transitioning into one.

We also found out that Theo has the ability to turn into a wolf and Stiles told Stilinski about Theo. He also noticed that he’s not wearing his wedding ring, but the only advice that he gave Stiles was, “If they’re really guilty, eventually they’ll make a mistake. They always make a mistake.”

Right on cue, it has been revealed that the signatures on Theo’s paperwork weren’t the same. He punishes his father by breaking his hand with a hammer. So, I guess there we have it, then… that answers whether or not we could trust Theo.

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Photo source: Teen Wolf Facebook Page

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