Teen Wolf Season 5 Spoilers: Required Reading [Watch Videos]

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Teen Wolf Season 5 Spoilers: Required Reading [Watch Videos]
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Teen Wolf” Season 5 upcoming episode, Episode 6 “Required Reading” will have several relationships that will start to crumble. Read on for more details

In the previous episode of “Teen Wolf” Episode 5 “A Novel Approach” Kira was alarmed by her electric reaction she experienced at Eichen House. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter via DesignnTrend,  series creator Jeff Davis said something abour Kira’s actions.

“Kira will begin to pull away from Scott and her friends, believing that she may be doing more harm than good. This Season is all about power going haywire for Kira.” Davis said.

The next episode of “Teen Wolf” Season 5 will start to see Kira pulling away from Scott.

“Unfortunately, this may be one of the last good moments for Kira and Scott. The rise in her power and her lack of control begins to push them apart.” Davis added.

It’s not only Kira and Scott’s relationship that will be put to the test but Malie and Stiles as well. Since Stiles killed Donovan, he has guilt and this guilt will cause problems with Malia. Stiles will try to keep this as a secret from her. However, there are too many secrets between and surrounding them already that this will only bubble up conflict, which in turn, will lead to this couple to fall apart.

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Photo source: Teen Wolf Facebook


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